Strategic Plan

SoCalASTA Strategic Plan

Vision: To build a strong network of travel professionals in Southern California.

Mission: To enhance the professionalism and profitability of our members.


  • To protect the business interests of travel agents.
  • To protect the relationship between suppliers and travel agents.


  1. To enhance our relationship and involvement with CCTO.
  2. To support the fundraising efforts of ASTAPAC.
  3. To prepare a grassroots strategy for responding quickly and effectively as industry challenges arise.
  4. To educate members about the value of the chapter’s government and legislative activities.


  • To provide services and resources to make agents better sellers of travel.
  • To provide services and resources to supplier partners that enhance their relationships with travel agents.


  1. To schedule a consistent calendar of meetings, networking events, education, and training opportunities.
  2. To construct a comprehensive website that serves both travel professionals and the public.
  3. To refine the monthly newsletter into an indispensable resource of information.
  4. To restore local activity in Southern Nevada (Las Vegas).
  5. To communicate ASTA’s benefits, programs, events, and resources to our geographic territory.
  6. To improve relations with allied supplier partners in Southern California.


  • To promote the chapter to a diverse group of stakeholders.
  • To promote member travel agents to the traveling public.
  • To promote member supplier partners to travel agents.


  1. To launch a consumer awareness campaign.
  2. To support Future Travel Professionals with career resources and opportunities.
  3. To create a visible presence for the chapter within the travel industry in Southern California.
  4. To improve the dissemination of information from the chapter.


  • To preserve the chapter for future generations of travel professionals.
  • To celebrate the chapter’s 75th anniversary in 2010 with an emphasis on the future.


  1. To recruit 75 new first-time core members in 2010 while increasing the retention of existing members.
  2. To delegate the work of the chapter by establishing committees or recruiting volunteers.
  3. To design and maintain a comprehensive database of travel professionals in Southern California.
  4. To explore the value of creating a paid administrator or intern position.
  5. To organize a 75th anniversary celebration.

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